Brillouin Energy is engaged with leading scientists and national labs, including SRI International, to help in its efforts to advance the development of its CECR heat generation process technologies, Isoperibolic (“IPB”) Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) reactor systems and industrial prototypes.

Since 2010, independent engineers, scientists and researchers have confirmed heat effects produced by the company’s CECR process technologies in over 50 experiments, run on an independent basis.

In 2016, SRI International completed a nine-month test in which LENR heat outputs up to several watts were repeatedly produced from positive coefficients of performance (COPs) in the range of 1.2X to 1.45X. The fact that LENR heat was independently validated with positive COPs is significant in light of the accuracy of their calorimetry, the consistent repeatability of their production, their controllability, and the reproducibility and refinement of their manufacturing techniques, specifications, and components, all leading to the same repeated results.

The SRI Interim Progress Report summarizes all of the data and conclusions from SRI International’s nine months of testing of Brillouin Energy’s IPB HHT LENR reactor systems.

Information collected from Brillouin Energy’s experimental tests has been corroborated by data checks from independent engineers or physicists demonstrating that its proprietary Q-Pulse™ electronic pulse generator produces excess heat when carefully applied to its engineered nickel core on demand and in repeatable amounts. Excess heat is the amount of thermal energy stemming from the CECR process, which exceeds the original energy used to drive the proprietary Q-Pulse™ electronic pulse generator and its associated electronics.

Brillouin Energy expects to continue to provide evidence from its experimental test results that will continue to illustrate significant increases in overall thermal heat output as it continues to refine the engineering and control of its CECR process technologies.

Results from all of Brillouin Energy’s experimental tests run at its facilities to date, are available for review under customary NDAs to current and prospective investors, original equipment manufacturers, licensees, strategic partners and engineering representatives. Please contact: info “at” brillouinenergy.com.