Brillouin Energy’s proprietary Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) process technologies utilize a condensed matter, high-energy physics Quantum Fusion Hypothesis. It describes specific requirements for the materials and the environment in which the CECR runs.

The formation of the Quantum Fusion Hypothesis began with the recognition of a common thread in LENR experiments being an endothermic reaction that results in low energy neutrons that accumulate onto other hydrogen nuclei, leading to β¯ decay. Brillouin Energy Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Robert Godes realized that the reaction must involve electron capture as a natural energy reduction mechanism of the metallic lattice.

Drawing from wide ranging areas of study including physics, molecular, quantum and general mechanics, electro-chemistry, material science, several areas of electronics, Brillouin Energy, with its Quantum Fusion Hypothesis based CECR process technologies, has led the way in recognizing how to engineer a reaction and exploit the substantial heat generated from the resulting transmutation results.

For more information, see the BEC Quantum Reaction Hypothesis paper