Robert W. George II, Chief Executive Officer

Bob George has over 40 years experience in general technical management, including product design and commercialization, and in providing creative solutions for product development, marketing and international licensing and joint ventures. Previously he was CEO of several companies including Commerce Direct Systems, Inc. Napa, CA, Imagineering International, Inc., Nashua, NH and Denning Mobile Robotics, Inc. Wilmington, MA.

Robert Godes, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer

After 25 years experience as an innovator in identifying and developing various clean technology products, Robert Godes founded Brillouin Energy. He has closely studied and has a deep understanding of applied science, most engineering disciplines, quantum mechanics, general physics, high energy and condensed matter physics, electronics, control systems, programming, and electro chemistry. Mr. Godes holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ohio Northern University.

David Firshein, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Firshein has over 30 years of professional corporate finance experience in the private capital markets, together with 20 years experience in the senior management of venture start-up operations in senior financing and business development roles.  During his career, he has directly completed over $900 Million of debt & equity transactions for small to large companies, including multiple environmentally oriented or clean-tech ventures.

David Niebauer, Vice President, Business Development & General Counsel

Mr. Niebauer is a practicing securities law attorney with 25 years senior legal and business development experience in venture capital finance, M&A and general corporate representation. David has extensive experience representing clean-technology ventures at all stages of growth including contract negotiations, corporate finance, intellectual property strategy, licensing and executive management.

David Correia, Mechanical Engineering Manager

Mr. Correia brings over 30 years experience developing new process equipment and mechanical designs that use chemical reactions to complete process steps for manufacturing. He is highly skilled in trouble-shooting chemical and mechanical systems, and bringing those solutions to market.

Technical and Business Advisory Board Members

Members of Brillouin Energy’s Advisory Board include:

Carl Page

Carl Page is currently President of the Anthropocene Institute. He is a highly sought after entrepreneur, an advisor to technology, internet marketing, and emerging clean-tech companies, as well as a prominent investor in both hi-tech and clean-tech ventures. A highly skilled computer scientist and clean technologist, Mr. Page was a co-founder of E-Groups, which later became Yahoo Groups.

Charles S. “Rusty” Holden, Esq.

Rusty Holden is commercializing the production of alpha emitting isotopes that are used in a new class of cancer drugs and is developing his patented neutron generator using the computational resources of the Pacific Northwest NationalLaboratory.

Robert Clear

Mr. Clear holds a PhD Chemistry UCSD, and serves as a guest lecturer at Cal Poly and staff scientist for Lawrence Berkeley Labs in Applied Science Division. He is the author and co-author of thirty publications on energy issues and lighting.

Roger W. Fuller

A renown design engineer of innovative solutions for rapidly growing markets, Roger Fuller is co-founder and the senior scientist at Maxim Integrated Products (MXIM) where he was instrumental in designing MAX 1780 smart and flash0memory battery chips.

Adolfo O. Gutierrez

Adolfo Gutierrez holds a PhD Engineering Physics Rensselaer Polytech (RPI), and serves as executive director and co-founder of Southern Pacific Research Institute for Advanced Technologies (SEPARI) in Chile. SEPARI conducts collaborative science and engineering research efforts in Chile and abroad.

Edward Beardsworth

A multi-disciplinary scientist, senior tech investment banker, and marketing and business development strategist for major utility and energy industry companies, Mr. Beardsworth holds a PhD Physics Rutgers. Now at Jane Capital, Beardsworth previously worked at top levels for EPRI and Brookhaven Labs.