With negligible costs for hydrogen and a nickel catalyst, Brillouin Energy’s CECR process technologies promise the potential of a safe, clean, non-carbon source of low-cost heat energy, with broad applications for the multi trillion-dollar global energy and process heat markets.

With thermal heat being the only real output, Brillouin Energy's CECR process technologies are designed to be simple to manufacture and transfer to industrial licensees. This promises fewer regulatory hurdles and speedier market adoption for a wide variety of commercial heat generation applications, hydronic heating, desalination of sea water, and other related uses that apply to broad commercial markets.

In simple terms, the amount of hydrogen in an average glass of water contains enough energy density, when applied to Brillouin Energy’s unique boiler systems, to power 30,000 homes for a year.

Business Model

Brillouin Energy licensees and partners are positioned to develop state-of-the-art products for energy and process heat markets using the Company's safe, reliable low-cost heat energy sources.

Qualified original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) pay initial contract fees, annual license fees and a percentage of sales (royalties) on products using Brillouin Energy’s proprietary CECR process technologies.

Technology Licensing

Brillouin Energy offers its partners, licensees and original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to design and develop any product
they would like to (e.g. conventional boiler systems) using the Company’s proprietary CECR process technologies for commercial market applications.

Current market segments for licensing Brillouin Energy’s technology include: geographic region; application (hot water, steam heat, process heat); end-user (residential, commercial, industrial); and, thermal output (lowest power to 600 W), (low power 600 W to 1 KW), (mid-power 1 KW to 500 KW) and (high power > 500 KW).

As a partner, licensee or OEM, Brillouin Energy’s proprietary CECR process technologies provide a trusted, verifiable heat energy source technology solution.

To learn more about partnering, licensing or becoming an OEM with Brillouin Energy, please contact us by email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property

The Company’s key trade secrets are comprised of operational parameters used by Brillouin Energy Corp. to develop and manage its CECR process technologies such as the Brillouin Q-Pulse™, its proprietary electronic pulse generator, as well as innumerable manufacturing methodologies and construction methods for other key components.

Brillouin Energy has secured highly favorable terms of ownership on all new intellectual property, which was developed under its recently completed Research Agreement with SRI International.

Patents and Trademarks

Brillouin Energy’s Founder and CTO, Robert Godes, in conjunction with members of the Company’s technology development team, its original senior patent attorney, Dr. David Slone, PhD, Esq., and now current patent attorney Dr. Cathy E. Cretsinger Ph.D., Esq., have filed and/or drafted patent claims on the Company’s technology for commercial use.

Brillouin Energy’s first international patent application for the commercial viability of its technology, included 22 key broad claims, has already been approved and issued in the EU and in China, the EU and is pending in major countries and regions elsewhere. The Company's third international patent on the Company’s proprietary control system has been approved in the U.S.

In all, Brillouin has several patent applications and multiple existing or additional claims on its energy generation, control and manufacturing methodologies, pending worldwide beyond these issuances.
Brillouin has also trademarked several of its key technical terms for future copyright.


Brillouin Energy is an advanced clean-technology, mid-venture stage company. Brillouin is developing a safe, ultra-clean, non-carbon source of low-cost renewable heat energy technology, based on a Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) process.

To date, Brillouin Energy has financed its growth and development primarily through a series of private offerings of stock to accredited investors. Brillouin also financed its growth through contribution of services such as advisory, engineering or patent work in return for equity, along with some early customer license revenue, or non-profit grant funding.

For more information about current or planned equity offerings, please email the Company by filling out the “Contact Us” Form on our contact page. This is not a solicitation for the sale of equity in Brillouin Energy. Only accredited investors should contact us about such offerings, and any sale of equity will only be made through formal offerings compliant with U.S. securities laws and any other required disclosures. Alternatively, for more information about licensing activities, or non-profit grant funding through venture philanthropy, please also fill out the same “Contact Us” Form on our contact page.

Brillouin Energy is a privately held Delaware Corporation.