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Brillouin Energy is a clean-technology company located in Berkeley California, developing renewable energy technologies capable of producing commercially useful amounts of thermal energy (heat).

Our technology is a powerful, targeted technical and economic solution for climate change, grid safety, energy security, food security, clean water and other pressing challenges. With the specter of pandemics, this impact investment opportunity is further vital to ensuring that the lowest cost, most flexible micro grids can be built to power the localized supply chains of the future.

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Brillouin’s technologies are based on low energy nuclear reactions (“LENR”), which it generates on a controlled basis in its uniquely designed reactors. There is no (zero) pollution of any kind generated by Brillouin’s LENR systems.

Brillouin Energy has assembled an experienced team with the scientific, engineering, and business development skills needed to achieve its goal of developing commercial LENR reactors.

In addition to this team, Brillouin Energy operated under a formal Research Agreement with the highly regarded Energy Research Center laboratory at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, under which the Company and SRI scientists with long experience in the LENR field worked together to advance its commercial reactor technologies.

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Creating a commercial reactor that can use the hydrogen in a glass of water to power 30000 homes a year.

Eliminating the production of hazardous waste.

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How are we different?

Achieving a unique combination of reproducibility, controllability continuity of operation, integrity of the materials involved and net energy output.

Capable of producing an inexhaustible supply of safe, reliable clean energy.



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