Brillouin Boiler Systems

Brillouin Energy’s proprietary technologies, both its wet and gas-based, prototype pre-commercial boiler systems for technology licensing are based upon its unique condensed matter, high energy physics, CECR hypothesis.

Brillouin Energy boiler systems provide economic and environmentally sustainable solutions by providing heat on demand without emissions and effectively eliminating the need for fuel purchases.


The path to commercializing Brillouin Energy’s WET™ Boiler systems includes licensing agreements with industrial companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that address the conventional boiler manufacturing, distribution and sales marketplace.

In the United States, an estimated 581,000 commercial buildings use boilers powered by fossil fuels for space heating or hot water, and another 22,000 use electric boilers.

WET™ Boiler systems have the capability to provide commercial and residential buildings with lower grade process heat up to 150 °C. These systems offer a safe, reliable clean energy alternative at a fraction of the cost of energy from conventional sources. The WET™ Boiler uses a simple electrolyte with distilled water and a nickel catalyst.

The WET™ Boiler illustration describes the underlying Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) process. Hydrogen is loaded onto a nickel lattice where an electronic pulse (Brillouin Q-Pulse™) is passed through the system, resulting in a compressed lattice within the highly engineered constrained environment. Mass is created and a proton is converted to a neutron, causing a tremendous loss of energy in the system. 1H Protium is converted to 2H (deuterium), 2H (deuterium) is converted to 3H (tritium) and 3H (tritium) is converted to 4H (quatrium), resulting in a net energy out as the 4H (quatrium) rapidly beta decays, at which point a large amount of heat, plus a tiny amount of 4He (helium) are released into the system in a process that releases more energy than it took to create all of the preceding steps.


The path to commercializing Brillouin Energy’s HYDROGEN HOT TUBE (HHT™) Boiler systems includes licensing agreements with companies producing high quality process heat for power generation of electricity, other industrial heat processes and desalination.

Industry comprises 32 percent of a $7 trillion dollar annual global energy marketplace. Designed to operate at temperatures between 500 °C to 700 °C, Brillouin Energy Corp.’s HHT™ Boiler systems use a very small amount of simple hydrogen gas with a nickel catalyst which are ideally suited to meeting industry’s demands for clean, cheap modular heat and power at the point of demand.

The HHT™ Boiler systems have the capability of providing for a wide variety of scalable non-fossil fuel process heat applications, including steam turbine power plants, manufacturing, hydronic heating, distributable power supplies, desalination of salt water and many more applications.

Clean, cheap modular heat and power at the point of demand will drive an industrial revolution in several industries including power to off-grid communities, desalination, hydrogen production, ammonia and fertilizer production and metal mining, milling and processing.